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MR Reporting

CBO ERP Limited is a software developing company that aims to provide dynamic as well as efficient software for the industry. Our mr reporting software lets companies control important aspects of their business ranging from the mundane to the essential.
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Molecular Research

The quality and success of our customers projects as if they were our own.

Dedicated Team

The purpose behind this is very simple: we want to make sure every project we take on gets the attention and skill set necessary to be completed successfully.

Updated Standards

Standards procedure gives a set of instructions for performing operations or functions. These might become mandatory if adopted by a government, business contract,sales force automation etc.

Quality Assurance

We always believe in developing quality products, with complete systematic process of checking to see whether a product being developed is meeting specified requirements.

Our Products

Pharmaceutical Distribution Billing Software
In the industry, making a mistake is not an option. Customers rely on your products for they well being and a mistake could be life threatening.
Mr Reporting Software
CBO ERP Limited is an end-to-end distribution software India for multi-channel marketing. Our Pharma Distribution Automation Software System provides.
Online Mr Reporting Software
Due to the natural instability of the market, nearly every company is looking for a way to streamline their financial services and adopt improved financial models.
Online Pharma Mobile Reporting Software
E-Commerce means buying and selling of goods, products, or services over the internet. E-commerce is also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce.
Mobile Mr Reporting
Online MR/Agent Reporting software, designed & developed by CBO ERP Limited The MR/Agent Reporting software is an online CRM/SFA Solution that is very helpful.
Mr Reporting
With CBO, Software Solutions will be able to find HR software much easily. Our staff understand the needs and requirements a company regardless.

Running a company can be a very challenging.

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Pharma Mobile Reporting

Now CBO has launched Web based ERP...

CBO has launched Web based ERP...
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