MR Reporting

MR Reporting

Online MR Reporting Software, designed & developed by CBO ERP Limited The MR Pharma Reporting software is an online CRM/SFA Solution that is very helpful for the Pharmaceutical Industry. CBO is delighted to introduce an all new MR reporting Mobile App, bring your field staff information and our services closer to you. Our MR Reporting Mobile App is now even more user friendly ensuring a delightful experience on mobile while Tracking DCR, TP, Expense sttus viewing and much more.

mr reporting title= Some Key Features Of “Mobile/Tablet MR Reporting Software”
  •   Easy and fast reporting.
  •   Accurate & error free.
  •   No waiting for salary process.
  •   No waiting for expense data.
  •   No need to carry visual aid inbuilt detailing system.
  •   Non submitted DCR information by SMS to H.O. / Managers.
  •   Area tracking.
  •   No fake DCR submission.
  •   Save money in visual aid printing.
  •   Low cost effective in internet charges.

MR Reporting Software

A Medical Representative (MR) visits a wide range of People, Area and Companies for example Doctors, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Chemists, Pharmacists, Labs and Blood Banks etc. Medical Representative (MR) also has to travel to many cities either big and small.

Hence CBO MR Reporting Software helps the Pharma Companies to plan, track, create reports, assess sales targets, overall performance of MR via mobile and web reporting.

CBO MR Reporting Software is practical solution for Sales Mangers and Sales Representatives. CBO MR Reporting also gets discipline in the sales team of Pharma Companies.

CBO MR Reporting Software helps to track the MR anywhere, anytime through visual dashboard with charts and map. Manger can also monitor the MR's activity on an hourly basis. Manger can assign sales target and also can give instructions to the MR's from HO. These targets and instructions reaches immediately to the MR's Mobile, Tab or Laptop.

By CBO MR Reporting Software Medical Representative (MR) also can gather information from market about the latest products launched. It also helps them upload the data gathered from market to the company instantly. The day to day activity of MR becomes easier and convenient for MR through CBO MR Reporting Software.
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